Recipe For A Successful Business!

In September of 1961 my father packed up his family and all of his worldly possessions into his car. We left Montreal speaking only French, except for my Dad who spoke 10 words or so of English. We headed for California, the land of opportunity.

My mother worked for the first time in our lives. That’s when I started cooking at the age of 8 to help my parents, and it turned out that I loved it! By the age of 13, I organized a surprise party for one our teachers, Mother Stella, and I was the team leader and cook at a pancake breakfast for about a hundred people, with great success. With an immense interest in cooking I started to experiment and come up with my own recipes. In High School, I worked in the student store, selling change, candy, school supplies, and learning how to inventory products, so we could order what we needed. I thought that I was learning everything I needed to know in order to go to college, and pursue my dreams of becoming at first in my junior year a French teacher, later in my senior year a Psychiatrist.

After my high school commencement, my father gave me the choice of either, going to college or owning my own Italian Deli. The rest is history.

What is the recipe for a successful business? Vision, hard work, dedication, organization, a love for what you do, and if your lucky, support from your family and good friends. I have been very lucky!!

Mary Paule Russo
Corsica’s Italian Deli
Established in 1970

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